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You or your child will be matched by age and game title for appropriate and fair league play.


Game titles and age restrictions are listed below. We understand Minecraft is a popular game for all ages, But due to publisher restrictions we have to limit it to 10+.


Your Local Theatre. All league play will take place right here, on the BIG SCREEN each week!


Leagues Start 10/3/2022 and run for 10 weeks!


You will be assigned to a league that will play at the same time each week. League times are assigned by age and demand. Younger players typically play from 4-7 on weekdays and on Saturday mornings. Teens and older can play in later league times or may fall into a 4-7 time slot depending on demand and availability of the theater.

Age Ranges:

6 – 10
11 – 12
13 – 17
(In compliance with ESRB game ratings)


Rocket League (ESRB E)
Fall Guys (ESRB E)
Madden (ESRB E)
Minecraft (ESRB E)
Brawlhalla (ESRB E)
Street Fighter V (ESRB T)
Call of Duty: Warzone (ESRB M)
Fortnite (ESRB T)


Start: 10/3/2022   Ends: 12/17/2022

Days / Times:

Youth Leagues (12 and Under) Monday 4-7 / Wednesday 4-7 / Saturday 10 – 1
Teens (13-17) Monday 4-7 & 7-10 / Wednesday 4-7 & 7-10
Adults (18+) Thursday 9 pm – 12 am


League Fees are $165.
Demo Day signup discount is $15 off plus a SNDBX Swag Bag.
Swag Bag comes with a t-shirt, tumbler, and drawstring bag.


Additional Days and times may be added depending on demand.
Leagues run for 8 weeks and there are 2 weeks of playoffs for a total of 10 weeks of league play.
Games and league times are scheduled based on number of registrations.

Any Questions? Contact Us On [email protected]

Spaces Limited
Kid Friendly Environment
We Supply All The Equipment

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Demo day attendees get a FREE SNDBX Swag Bag AND $15 off … we can’t wait to see you!

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